J. L. Forge Music

Original Compositions for Film, Games, and Acoustic Performance


Original Compositions

by Jamison Forge

A selection of original works and commissions for a variety of instruments and ensembles.

  • 12:36
    Commissioned by Kendra Kreutz and performed at the Lake Union Civic Orchestra Chamber Cabaret, Seattle, Washington (2016)/Jeremy Tapp and Pam McDonald, Violins/Eddie Nicholson and Ryan May, Violas/Kendra Kreutz and Terry Cook, Cellos
  • 6:53
    Commissioned and performed by the Pacific Flute Ensemble, Long Beach, California, Directed by Darrin Thaves (20014) World premiered at the 2016 National Flute Association Convention
  • 14:05
    Recorded by the Central Washington University Wind Ensemble, Conducted by Larry Gookin (2004)
  • 7:38
    Performed by the Midsummer Musical Retreat Staff (2009)/Anthony Taylor, Clarinet/Roger Nelson, Piano
  • 4:38
    Performed by Midsummer Musical Retreat Staff (2013)/Wendy Wihelmi, Flute/Dan Williams, Oboe/Terri Garrett, Clarinet/Lydia Van Dreel, Horn/Susan Hess, Bassoon
  • 5:40
    Performed by Midsummer Musical Retreat Staff (2012)/Sandi Schwartz, Violin/Marcia Ott, Violin/Laurie Wells, Viola/Anne Brennan, Cello
  • 4:02
    Performed by the West Winds Flute Choir, Eugene, Oregon. Directed by Matt Woodford (2014)