J. L. Forge Music

Original Compositions for Film, Games, and Acoustic Performance

Jamison Forge is a classically trained composer living in Portland, Oregon. His focus is to give life to the music, the performer, and the audience to create a complete canvas of emotion, texture, and sound. Jamison loves to push boundaries, utilizing instruments and voices with new techniques, styles, sounds, and colors, without deviating from the realm of comfortable listening for the audience. His music aims to take the listener on a journey, each note one step forward to the next leg of the musical adventure.

Composing has taken Jamison around the world, both figuratively and physically. He has traveled abroad to teach composition, as well as teaching remotely to all of his students across the country. Jamison is available to teach live workshops on composition at various levels, and one-on-one lessons for those who desire specific feedback via video conferencing. Commissions for any synthesized or live ensembles are always considered, and aim to meet the musical needs of the performers and their musical vision.

His music has been featured by the Pacific Flute Ensemble at the National Flute Association Convention in 2016, released worldwide in the independent PC adventure Game, "Forge", and has had many world premieres around the Pacific Northwest by the Oregon Symphonic Band, the Central Washington University Wind Ensemble, and numerous small ensembles comprised of members of the Seattle Symphony and other professional music institutions. When he is not teaching or writing, Jamison loves playing baroque recorders, the piano, and sometimes gets a bit of xylophone practice in as well.